Workers' Compensation Insurance for Law Firms, Lawyers, Travel Agents, Medical Billing Companies, and other Specialty Services

When an employee is injured performing work for your business, you can be held liable. Whether from a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel or a tragic car accident, Workers' Comp can help you pay the medical and legal bills that result.

What Workers' Comp Insurance Covers for Lawyers, Truckers, Translators, Authors, Notaries Public, and Pet Groomers

Workers' Compensation Insurance (also called Workman's Comp or Workers' Comp) can cover…

  • Hospital stays.
  • Legal fees.
  • Court costs (including witness fees, investigatory fees, evidence fees).
  • Funeral costs.
  • Settlements or judgments from a lawsuit.
  • Lost wages to your employee.

When an employee is injured on the job these costs can accumulate quickly, leaving you with an injured employee, strained employee-employer relationships, and no way to pay your bills.

What Happens When an Employee Is injured: Answers for Employment Agencies, Travel Agents, Truckers, and Other Specialty Service Professionals

When an employee slips on the stairs outside your offices and fractures their leg, you can be held liable for the accident and ensuing costs. As an employer, you'd likely be responsible to pay for the employee's medical bills, hospital stay, and wages they would be making.

With one employee out, you'll be shorthanded and may have to hire more help. Without Workman's Comp, you'd have to pay two salaries: one to the injured employee, one to their temporary replacement. That's on top of all of the medical expenses.

Many Workers' Comp policies will pay for an employee's immediate medical expenses like ambulance rides, X-rays, etc. Insurance companies offer this because they've realized that if they take care of an employee up front, the employee is less likely to sue them. If an employee is injured at your workplace, make sure to be in contact with your insurance company.

Make Sure Your Workman's Comp Policy Includes Employers' Liability Insurance: a Tip for Lawyers, Medical Billing, Notary Publics, and Other Small Businesses

Employer's Liability Insurance is the component of Worker's Comp that pays for the costs relating to a lawsuit. Not every policy includes this coverage, so talk with one of our agents and see if it makes sense for your business.

If an employee sues you, a lawsuit can easily end up costing your business tens or thousands of dollars in addition to the time you lose having to focus on the case. Policies that include Employers' Liability Insurance will help you pay for the cost of the lawsuit as it occurs.

Be Prepared for Tragedy: Workers' Comp Guides Your Business through a Death at the Workplace

If the unthinkable happens and a worker suffers a fatal on-the-job injury, Workers' Compensation Insurance can help you through the difficult time. Workman's Comp can pay for the cost of a funeral and the support payments you'd be required to pay the dependents of the deceased.

Important Workers' Comp Facts for Lawyers, Employment Agencies, Travel Agencies, Truckers, and Other Professional and Specialty Services

As you purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance, here are three things to keep in mind…

  • Workers' Comp is almost always required by your state government. Check to see what kind coverage you are required to have.
  • Workers' Comp requirements and exceptions can vary from one state to the next. If you have any questions, our insurance professionals will help you identify where you can save money and what aspects of your policy you can't skimp on.
  • You may be able to opt out of covering yourself to save money. By excluding yourself from coverage, you may be able to qualify for a reduced premium. Not every state allows this exception, though.
  • General Liability Insurance does not cover injuries to your employees. While GLI can cover your business when a customer or other third party is injured at your work place, it does not cover your employees when they are injured.
  • Injuries happen in any environment. Even if your workplace seems fairly safe, you and your employees are still at risk for injuries. The most common Workman's Comp claim is a fall. In other words, watch out for computer cables, steps, and other disasters waiting at your feet.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Experts for Lawyers, Medical Billing Companies, Translators, Authors, and Other Specialty Businesses

Insureon's agents are trained in the nuances of Workers' Comp Insurance for specialty businesses like yours. Fill out our quick online application and usually within minutes one of our agents will supply you with a variety of quotes that meet your state requirements, cover your business, and take advantage of any cost savings.

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