Important Business Insurance for Wedding Chapels and Wedding Reception Businesses

Whether your business is a drive-thru Las Vegas wedding chapel or a small, rural property specializing in garden weddings, our agents can customize an insurance package to fit the needs of your business.

There are several basic insurance policies that will cover many of your fundamental liabilities. They are…

General Liability Insurance for Wedding Sites and Wedding Ceremony Businesses

Nearly every wedding chapel purchases General Liability Insurance, as most need it to meet their state requirements or sign certain contracts.

As a liability insurance, GLI pays for lawsuits that can be filed against your reception hall when…

  • Someone is injured at your wedding hall.
  • Someone damages their property at your wedding hall.
  • Your business damages someone's reputation.

If a wedding photographer trips on a rug and smashes their multi-thousand dollar camera on the floor, you wedding hall could be held liable. Lawsuits like these can include all sorts of expenses, like…

  • Lawyer's bills.
  • Paralegal expenses.
  • Evidence costs.
  • Fees for witnesses.
  • Judgments paying damages to the photographer (or other party).
  • Settlements to prevent the lawsuits from going to court.

Your General Liability Insurance can pay for these costs and others related to a lawsuit.

Many GLI policies have a Medical Expenses Coverage, which can pay medical expenses for a customer, client, or other person not employed by your business. If a grandma slips on your dance floor while doing the "YMCA," your Medical Expenses Coverage could pay for her ambulance ride and hospital bills. This coverage helps your business deal with personal injuries immediately and avoid lawsuits later.

Property Insurance for Wedding Locations and Wedding Facilities

As a business that operates a wedding chapel, your building, wedding supplies, and other property are an indispensible part of your business - and you can protect these things with a Property Insurance policy.

Property Insurance typically includes coverage for your…

  • Wedding reception halls.
  • Land around your building.
  • Sound, lighting, video, and photography equipment
  • Wedding supplies and inventory.

Your insurance can reimburse your business when any of these items is lost or damaged by covered events. Typically, Property Insurance covers damage from…

  • Tornadoes.
  • Fires.
  • Theft.
  • Vandalism.
  • Some storms.

Not all weather or natural disasters are covered with Property Insurance, though many are. Usually the rarer and more severe events are not included. Hurricanes, floods, tropical storms, and other weather events are usually not part of a typical Property Insurance policy.

If your business needs more coverage, you can add "riders" to your coverage to insure your property from other kinds of damage.Our agents can help you find coverage that meets your needs at a reasonable price.

Business Owner's Policies for Wedding Reception Halls and Venues

Business Owner's Policies (often called BOPs) are one way wedding chapels can get two insurance policies for a lower cost.

By paying one discounted premium, some qualifying small businesses can get a BOP, which combines…

  • Property Insurance.
  • General Liability Insurance.

In order to qualify for this business insurance, your wedding business will need to be a small business that does not exceed certain "lower-risk" thresholds. To purchase a BOP, your business…

  • Can't need more than a year's worth of Business Interruption Insurance - income insurance included with Property Insurance to pay your business money when its reception hall is damaged and you have to shut down to repair it.
  • Can't have more than 100 employees.
  • Can't operate in large premises.
  • Can't work in a dangerous industry.

When you fill out our online insurance form, our agents will check to see if your business qualifies for this budget-friendly insurance policy and include it as part of your free quote.

Cyber Liability Insurance for Wedding Chapels and Wedding Reception Businesses

Cyber Liability Insurance (also called Cyber Risk Insurance or Data Breach Insurance) protects your company if its customer or vendor data is hacked.

As a wedding business, your wedding chapel might have payment information for photographers, DJs, and other businesses in addition to information on hundreds of wedding parties. If your networks are hacked, this data could all be exposed.

When your data is breached, your business is also often legally obligated to inform its customers and anyone whose data may have been at risk. This is troubling for businesses like yours that rely on their reputation and customer referrals.

Cyber Liability Insurance pays for…

  • Credit and fraud monitoring for anyone whose data may have been hacked.
  • Crisis management to help you sort through your legal responsibilities.
  • P.R. and advertising efforts to rebuild your wedding chapel's reputation.
  • Forensic efforts to investigate the attack.

These costs are all covered under a First Party Response policy, which you can either purchase on its own or add as an endorsement to your General Liability policy.

Professional Liability Coverage: Errors and Omissions Insurance for Wedding Sites and Wedding Ceremony Businesses

Errors & Omissions Insurance (also called Professional Liability Insurance or E&O Insurance) pay for lawsuits from your customers who are disappointed with your work. In other words, this is your "Bridezilla" Insurance (or "Groomzilla Insurance").

Weddings are expensive. With so much money at stake, if your clients are upset with how the wedding turns out, your business could be sued for tens of thousands of dollars.

E&O Insurance pays for lawsuits when your customers claim your wedding chapel…

  • Failed to deliver the wedding or quality of wedding it had promised.
  • Was professional negligent in performing its wedding responsibilities.
  • Made mistakes or delivered an unsatisfactory wedding.

Here's an example. A wedding chapel is hosting a garden wedding on its grounds. Unfortunately a nearby farm (usually picturesque) has a sewage backup in its sump pump. The wind is coming from that direction and the whole wedding smells like… well you get the picture. In this case, their E&O Insurance could pay for the lawsuit.

If the florists you hire get the wrong date and fail to deliver flowers and center pieces, you could be held liable when the bride and groom claim you've "ruined" their wedding.

Errors and Omissions Insurance can protect your business from lawsuits about the quality of your weddings and potentially save your business tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Wedding Reception Halls and Venues

Workers' Compensation Insurance (also called Workers' Comp or Workman's Comp) is almost universally required for businesses in order to meet their legal requirements.

When employees and workers are hurt at your chapel, suffer a work-related injury, or get ill as a result of the work they do for your business, this policy can pay for…

  • Employee medical costs.
  • Employer's legal costs (if you are sued).
  • Paid time off for employees who need rest, rehabilitation, or other recovery time.
  • Payments for a funeral and income for dependents of an employee killed on the job.

The most common cause of a Workers' Comp claim is a fall. If an employee trips over a DJ's audio cables and breaks their wrist, your business could be sued. Medical expenses, paid time off, and lawsuits for pain and suffering could all be covered by your Workman's Comp Insurance.

Make sure you protect your employees and yourself and meet your legal obligations by purchasing adequate Workers' Compensation Insurance.

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