Customizable Small Business Insurance Policies for Pet Groomers

As a business that works with animals, you're exposed to different liabilities than other businesses - this means your pet grooming business needs small business insurance tailored to fit its needs.

Our agents will customize the following policies to cover your business's liabilities, help you pay for lawsuits, and protect your property.

General Liability Insurance for Dog Grooming and Other Pet Grooming Businesses

General Liability Insurance pays for lawsuits filed against your pet grooming business by third parties like…

  • Clients.
  • Customers.
  • Vendors.
  • Deliverymen / mail carriers.
  • Other people not employed by your business.

General Liability Insurance can pay for lawsuits when these third parties claim your business…

  • Damaged their property.
  • Created an environment that led to property damage.
  • Gave them a physical injury.
  • Caused an advertising injury.
  • Infringed on a trademark or service mark.

When clients get injured on your premises, General Liability Insurance can cover the costs of a lawsuit: lawyers, paralegals, evidence costs, witness fees, settlements, judgments, and more.

If a customer bringing in their dog slips on the slick floor of your lobby, your business could be held liable for their injury. If that injury includes a broken leg or a torn ACL, the costs could be devastating. Between the medical expenses and the legal costs to defend yourself, your business could easily be paying a ten-thousand-dollar bill.

Often state-required, General Liability Insurance can help your business weather unexpected expenses from many common liabilities.

Property Insurance for Pet Groomers, Dog Hotel, Cat Hotel, Pet Hotel, and Pet Supplies Companies

Whether you're a mobile groomer or a dog hotel with grooming services, Property Insurance can insure your business's commercial property, including…

  • Buildings, offices, and workplaces.
  • Kennels, grooming supplies, and other professional tools and equipment.
  • Supplies.
  • Inventory.

Property Insurance pays to replace or repair your property when it is lost or damaged by…

  • Fires.
  • Certain storms (winter storms, wind storms, and other non-major storms).
  • Tornadoes.
  • Vandalism.
  • Theft.

With more and more severe weather events in the news, you'll want to protect your business's property. Let's say you run a pet boarding and grooming business. When a windstorm tears off the roof to your business, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs. In addition, you may have to shut down your business while you repair the building.

Property Insurance can pay for these repairs as well as for the lost income you suffer as a result of temporarily shutting down your business. Usually sold with Property Insurance, Business Interruption Coverage insures your business's income for times like this when you have to suspend your operations. If a fire were to burn down your business and you had to start from scratch, BIC could pay your normal income while the building was being rebuilt.

Business Owner's Policies for Doggie Daycare and Pet Boarding Businesses

Business Owner's Policies (or BOPs) are often a smart way for pet grooming businesses to save money on their…

  • General Liability Insurance.
  • Property Insurance.

BOPs package these two policies for a discounted price. Bops may exclude some of the more extended coverage found in standalone Property Insurance policies, but for many small businesses, BOPs offer more than enough coverage (and at a lower premium).

BOPs cost less because insurance companies only sell them to small businesses that they consider "lower-risk." Typically, this means your business can qualify if it…

  • Has 100 employees or fewer.
  • Doesn't require more than 12 months of Business Interruption Coverage.
  • Isn't in an industry prone to risk.
  • Doesn't have large offices / premises.

Many pet groomers meet these requirements.

Cyber Liability Insurance for Pet Groomers

Cyber Liability Insurance (also called Data Breach Insurance or Cyber Risk Insurance) is an important insurance policy for pet grooming businesses that rely on the Internet or other digital communication platforms.

Each year, more and more cyber attacks happen at small businesses. A cyber attack is when hackers break into your computers to access your data or steal your money. Frequently, hackers are looking to steal billing information, credit card data, or other private data they can sell or use to steal money.

Businesses like yours probably have credit card and / or bank account information for many of the customers who have come through your doors. This is precisely why hackers may target your business.

There are two different types of Cyber Risk Insurance, but your business is probably covered by the first type: First-Party Response.

First-Party Response pays for many of the ways your business will need to respond to a cyber attack. Covered costs include…

  • Communications expenses to contact customers and other people whose data may have been breached (your business is usually legally obligated to do this).
  • P.R. and advertising campaigns to improve your business's reputation after the attack.
  • Investigations to find out who hacked your business and where it is vulnerable.
  • Credit monitoring for your clients or other people whose data was exposed.
  • Fraud monitoring for people whose data may have been exposed.

With the growing rate of cyber attacks, your business's financials and reputation are put in danger. Fill out our simple online insurance form to get a free quote on this or other insurance policies.

Professional Insurance: Errors and Omissions Coverage for Dog Grooming and Other Pet Grooming Businesses

Errors & Omissions Insurance (aka E&O Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance) covers lawsuits over your professional liabilities.

When customers sue your business about the quality of your work, E&O Insurance can pay for…

  • Lawyers' bills.
  • Miscellaneous court costs for witnesses, evidence, and other expenses.
  • Judgments awarding damages to your customers.
  • Settlements to prevent a legal action from going to court.

People are very particular about their pets. You know that. What happens if a miscommunication leads your business to trim off a poodle's fur, when its owner only wanted it shampooed? Your business could be sued.

What happens if a Pomeranian is squirming to avoid getting its nails trimmed and the dog dislocates its knee? Your customers may freak out. A simple (and understandable) accident could turn into Pom-aggedon, with your client threatening a lawsuit.

Errors and Omissions Insurance covers these incidents and others where your clients claim your business…

  • Was negligent in its professional dog-grooming duties.
  • Made mistakes, errors, or omissions.
  • Did not deliver the agreed-upon grooming service.
  • Performed incomplete or unsatisfactory grooming.
  • Harmed an owner's pet.

Professional Liability Insurance can protect your business from these and other lawsuits from dissatisfied customers.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Groomers, Dog Hotel, Cat Hotel, Pet Hotel, and Pet Supplies Companies

Workers' Compensation Insurance (also called Workers' Comp or Workman's Comp) is usually a required insurance for any business that has employees. Your state government mandates that your business cover employees' medical costs when they are injured or made ill at work.

Workers' Comp can pay for your dog grooming business's medical and legal costs when an employee suffers a workplace injury or illness. Covered expenses include…

  • Legal costs to defend you from a Workman's Comp lawsuit.
  • Settlements or judgments awarded to your employees.
  • Employee medical expenses as they occur.
  • Employee salaries when they are injured and unable to work.
  • Dependent support payments and funeral costs when an employee is killed at work.

If a pit bull snaps and clamps down on an employee's wrist, they could sustain severed nerves, broken bones, and other injuries. Workers' Comp can pay for your employee's surgery and paid recovery time. If the employee sues your business, Workers' Compensation Insurance can also cover your legal costs.

Make sure your business meets its state requirements and protects itself form the cost of a Workers' Comp injury and lawsuit.

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