Must-Know Insurance Policies for Notaries Public

The right insurance policies can protect you as a notary public when you interact with customers, businesses, or lawyers daily and provide them with notarized documents and other notary services.

Here are the must-know insurance policies that can cover your professional liabilities, commercial property, employee liability, and other situations that can cost your business thousands of dollars in damages and legal expenses.

General Liability Insurance for Apostille and Notary Service Businesses

One of the first business insurance policies that notaries public need is General Liability Insurance, which protects them from many common liabilities.

GLI can pay for certain third-party lawsuits, which are lawsuits filed by non-employees like customers, clients, vendors, deliverymen, etc. Covered lawsuits include third-party claims that your business…

  • Damaged their property.
  • Caused an advertising injury.
  • Created an environment that led to physical injury.
  • Directly injured them.

As you can see, this insurance covers a lot common situations that may lead your notary business to be sued. Here's an insurance "classic." A deliveryman carrying a package to your office can't see the icy sidewalk underneath him and slips. His feet come out from under him and he lands hard on his hip, shattering it. That's bad news for your business.

A slip on an icy sidewalk. A fall on wet tile floor. When third parties injure themselves on your property, your General Liability Insurance can pay for…

  • Lawyers' bills.
  • Court costs (like evidence fees, witness costs, etc.).
  • Settlements or judgments.

General Liability Insurance is usually state-required, so make sure your business covers its basic liabilities. Contact us and get a free insurance quote today.

Property Insurance for Mobile Notaries and Notarized Document Services

Property Insurance helps notary businesses repair or replace their lost or damaged property. Covered property includes…

  • Office furnishings and furniture.
  • Equipment, computers, and tools.
  • Offices and buildings.
  • Supplies and inventory.

Businesses without property insurance would have to pay out-of-pocket to replace their commercial property when it is lost or damaged.

While Property Insurance doesn't pay for all property damage, it can reimburse your business when its property is damaged in many common scenarios, including…

  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Lightning.
  • Fires.
  • Some storms and weather damage.

No Property Insurance covers all weather events. Typically policies won't cover hurricanes, earthquakes, and more severe storms (those given first names by the National Weather Service).

If someone burglarizes your office, stealing your computers and other electronics, it will cost thousands of dollars to replace them. If a fire burns down your building, you're looking at a six-figure bill. Luckily, Property Insurance can reimburse your business for the property it lost.

Business Owner's Policies for Notary Public Businesses

Business Owner's Policies (or BOPs) combine…

  • Property Insurance.
  • General Liability Insurance.

By packaging these policies together, BOPs do two things. First, they provide an efficient way for many small businesses to cover their basic business insurance needs. Second, they can often save businesses money on their insurance.

Like a combo meal, BOPs offer you more for a reduced cost. But unfortunately, not every business qualifies for this discount.

BOPs are small business insurance, only sold to lower-risk industries. Insurers typically sell BOPs to companies that…

  • Have fewer than100 employees.
  • Don't need more than 12 months of income insurance with their Property Insurance (Business Interruption coverage can pay for your business's lost income when a property insurance claim destroys your workplace).
  • Don't work out of a large office space or building.
  • Don't work in hazardous industries, environments, etc.

Fill out our simple online insurance form, and our agent will check to see if your business qualifies.

Cyber Liability Insurance for Notaries Public

Cyber Liability Insurance (also known as Cyber Risk Insurance or Data Breach Insurance) helps businesses respond to cyber attacks on their computers.

As a notary public you might have many files with important data. Hackers look for bank account numbers, credit cards, signatures, social security numbers, and other data that allows them to steal the identity of your customers.

If your business is hacked, it stands to lose a lot of credibility - an important trait in your profession. Cyber Liability Insurance can help you avoid damage to your reputation by paying for…

  • Credit monitoring and fraud monitoring for customers or other people whose data has been stolen from your computers.
  • Communication expenses to contact people whose data may have been compromised.
  • Legal and forensic investigations into the attack (which will help you know how to respond and prevent future attacks).
  • P.R. responses and new advertising campaigns to rebuild your reputation.
  • Reimbursement for cyber-extortion attempts when hackers threaten to introduce malicious software onto your computers unless you pay them.

All these costs can be covered with a First Party Response policy, which is the type of coverage your notary business will probably need.

There is a second type of Cyber Liability Insurance policy called Third Party Defense and Liability, but your business probably won't need this third-party coverage, which is mostly for IT businesses. It pays for lawsuits and other costs for businesses that make or sell software, computers, or network services. Their products can be hacked, which makes them liable if cyber criminals target their clients.

Our agents will help you find Cyber Liability Insurance that covers your business's needs and won't sell you policies that don't.

Errors and Omissions Coverage for Mobile Notaries and Notarized Document Services

Also called E&O Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Coverage is business insurance for notaries public that covers their professional liabilities.

Your customers may sue over the quality or execution of your work. When they do, E&O Insurance can pay for your legal costs. Covered lawsuits include claims that your business…

  • Failed to properly notarize documents.
  • Made errors or omissions.
  • Failed to fulfill your obligations.
  • Was negligent in performing your notary duties.

Let's say your business makes a mistake on an apostille. One of your clients is applying for an international trademark and they need a document to be apostilled. An error in your work causes their international trademark to fail. If this happens, they could sue you to recover the cost of their expensive international application process, legal fees, and the damage it does to their international sales.

When this happens, Professional Liability Insurance can pay for your business's legal defense, court costs, and an expensive judgment awarded to your customer.

Errors and Omissions Insurance is your "malpractice" insurance and an important part of protecting your business's liabilities.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Apostille and Notary Service Businesses

State governments usually require any business with employees to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance (frequently shortened to Workers' Comp or Workman's Comp).

Here's a Workers' Comp example. An employee slips on a wet floor, breaking their elbow. They'll need surgery to repair the nerve damage and won't be able to work for the next two months. Because they injured themselves at work, your business will have to pay their medical bills and their wages while they recover. That's a lot for small businesses to afford.

Workers' Comp can cover the costs related to workplace injury or illness, including…

  • Medical expenses.
  • Paid recovery time.
  • Legal costs for businesses sued by employees.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Support payments to dependents of employees killed on the job.

When employees are injured while working for your business, the cost can be astronomical. Medical and legal bills can put your business in debt. Protect your employees and your financials: contact one of our agents about a Workman's Comp policy.

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